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Saccharin - Zero Calorie Non-Nutritive Sweetener

Saccharin is the non-nutritive sweetener that is the main component of Sweet'N Low. Sweet'N Low also contains dextrose, as well as cream of tartar. But for the purpose of this article, I'm only going to break down saccharin itself.

Taste & Flavor: Saccharin has been described as having a taste that is over sweet, and a little bit artificial by people that consume it, especially those that consume it regularly. Saccharin is made in a lab, and contains zero calories, as well as zero carb. Making on the surface, its impact on blood sugar very negligible. But like with many other non-nutritive sweeteners, consumers want to know, is it going to impact my blood sugar? And what is it going to do to my digestive health?

So from a blood sugar perspective, saccharin in the short term, may not increase blood sugar substantially. However, it does increase blood sugar with continued use over time. This has been demonstrated in both people, as well as in rodents in the research. Additionally, from a digestive perspective, saccharin can cause diarrhea. But it also can induce allergic reactions in certain people that have symptoms including skin irritation, headaches, and breathing difficulties.

Long term use of saccharin has been demonstrated to increase blood sugar levels, increase body weight, and obesity rates, as well as disrupt the gut bacteria within the intestines, which can lead to a whole host of other detrimental impacts. Fun fact about saccharin, saccharin was the first non-nutritive sweetener discovered over 100 years ago. And it's actually been banned in many countries, because of its adverse health effects.

I hope this video was helpful. And if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.