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Monk Fruit Extract - Zero Calorie Sweetener

Monk fruit extract for you, another non-nutritive sweetener that is found in many products around the globe. Monk fruit is actually extracted from a fruit that is native to China. And, yes, it is named after monk's.

Taste and Flavor: Monk fruit extract has zero grams of carbs as well as zero calories per serving. Monk fruit extract is about 300 times sweeter than traditional table sugar. And it does have a natural tasting aftertaste, unlike some of the other non-nutritive sweeteners that exist on the market.

When it comes to non-nutritive sweeteners, many consumers want to know about the impact it will have on their blood sugars, as well as on their digestive system. And monk fruit extract does not impact blood sugar levels in isolation. On its own, there's no substantial impact on people's blood sugars.

Digestive: From a digestive health standpoint, from the research that is out there, as of now, monk fruit extract does not have any sort of negative or detrimental impact on digestive health.

However, it has been combined with other non-nutritive sweeteners that may cause gas or bloating like erythritol for example.

I hope you found this video helpful. And if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.